I like the new system where you make a roll for each item, it makes it way more interesting to decide how much you want to push your luck.
I would however like to see slighly more complex teactions to theft from NPCs.

• Since you can pickpocket someone any number of times it would be more immersive if vendors are capable of more modes than looking for a thief or "everything is fine". Perhaps the difficulty could increase if you come back to steal from a vendor that has noticed things going missing but havnt found a culprit to represent them being more alert?

• Another thing Id like to see is if NPCs didnt always immediately notice something getting stolen no matter how small. Like if I swipe a key or a potion from someone and roll really well it feels weird that they always know something was stolen 2 seconds after you close their inventory. Perhaps this could work something like narrowly succeeding your slight of hand check will make them notice like they do now, but if you roll a 15 on a required difficulty of 5 it feels like they wouldnt/shouldnt immediately know something is missing.

Edit: changing post because someone had already provided the answer

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