Funny, that's not at all how I understood the camp. The first time I wanted to take a long rest, I was in the crypt and was returning to its entrance when I looked at the map and wondered if I could use the camp's waypoint from a dungeon. When I realized I could, I thought : "oh cool, fast travel". I saw it as the equivalent of narrating, in a dnd game (assuming there's a fixed point of rest players want to use, like a keep), "and so, you guys went back to your camp without any issue". Of course, in a real game, I would have rolled to see if there was indeed no issue on the way. I haven't seen random encounters yet in BG3 (based on D:OS, I suppose there won't be), but that would be a good place to put them. Also, if it's meant to be fast travel, a mention about it would be nice, like replacing the label "the camp" in waypoints list by "fast travel to the camp".

All of that being said, it would be way more akin dnd to allow players to rest anywhere, dungeons included, have some of them keep watch and have random encounters thrown at them while resting from time to time.