Great idea, thanks for the thread. Posting my feedback on Rangers in this post;
Ranger Feedback (and some general gameplay)

Favoured Enemy
I like what you’ve done with this, and it is interesting though it is just a bunch of free skill proficiencies and cantrips etc. I’d like to see this expanded and refined once you add more cantrips. One featuring thorn whip and green flame blade would be nice, fitting the ranger fantasy.
I strongly suggest including the following as a base benefit of favoured enemy/foe from the UA Subclasses (soon to be published in the next D&D book)
Favoured Foe 1st-level ranger feature (replaces Favoured Enemy)
You can call on your bond with nature to mark a creature as your favoured enemy for a time: you know the hunter’s mark spell, and Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for it. You can use it a certain number of times without expending a spell slot and without requiring concentration— a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (a minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. When you gain the Spellcasting feature at 2nd level, hunter’s mark doesn’t count against the number of ranger spells you know.
Hunters mark is like sneak attack on rogues for the TT RPG – you are balanced to have its damage pretty much all the time, and requiring concentration for it, spending spell slots etc is just too consuming on the Ranger – this is evident in your game as well. The ability to recast it for free as a bonus action if the target dies should remain as well, this all plays into the real fantasy of a ranger as an expert hunter.

TLDR for your summary;

*Include the Favoured Foe feature for Rangers; Hunters Mark can be cast for free as a bonus action (not requiring a spell slot, or concentration) [Wisdom Modifier] number of times per day.
*Include more "Favoured Foe" types, including ones using other cantrips like Thorn Whip and Green Flame Blade

Rangers should start with a longbow. It’s a bit annoying not to have access to one for so long in the game, until you come upon the druid encampment. I also feel like access to a magical bow is missing for a long time, while most other magical weapons are available for other classes.
Rangers should also start with an offhand weapon, or a single martial main hand in which they are proficient.
Arrows aren’t a thing (yet?) and I’m not sure it adds very much to the game to have limited ammunition, but the character should wear a quiver at least, probably even make it an item (d&d has magical quivers as magic items, so it makes sense we have mundane ones to eventually replace with a magic item).
I think that the magical arrows which drop from DOS1/2 should do something a bit more special for Rangers. Perhaps empower the next two shots from your quiver with their effects? Give you two fire arrows, two lightning arrows? When you get the extra attack feature these will be used up quickly instead of being inventory fodder. 1D4 fire on a couple of shots is hardly game breaking, but it is a cool way to use these items.

TLDR for your summary;

*Rangers should start with a Long Bow, and the option of a single main hand or both main and offhand weapons
*Magical bows seem much more rare than other magic items at present
*Quivers should be an item (definatle a visible part of an archer character), ammunition to be debated/decided
*Magical Arrow items to have an interesting and special mechanic for Rangers (work on the next X shots, debate)

Speak with Animals
The “Speak with dead” feature in your game offers a recast of the ability for free once you have used it once. Consider adding this for Speak with Animals as well! This again is in the upcoming class changes for Rangers in 5E
Primal Awareness 3rd-level ranger feature (replaces Primeval Awareness)
You can focus your awareness through the interconnections of nature: you learn additional spells when you reach certain levels in this class if you don’t already know them, as shown in the Primal Awareness Spells table. These spells don’t count against the number of ranger spells you know. Primal Awareness Spells Ranger
Level Spell 3rd detect magic, speak with animals
5th beast sense, locate animals or plants
9th speak with plants
13th locate creature
17th commune with nature
You can cast each of these spells once without expending a spell slot. Once you cast a spell in this way, you can’t do so again until you finish a long rest.

*Speak with animals should work the same way as speak with dead already does, recast for free (or cast for free always as a ranger at level 3, as per 5E UA (soon to be published in the next book))

Colossus Slayer
Currently very bugged, doesn’t seem to work. Should be a D8 extra damage on any hit against a target already hurt? (once per turn) – Noticed a few times that damage does not seem to be in the combat log after hitting a damaged target.

Missing Spells
Hoping this is just because you have not gotten around to it, but Goodberry is missing (a real mainstay of Ranger play) as well as absorb elements and detect magic. I’m hoping detect magic will be there. I thought about it when we discovered Shadowheart’s pod in the tutorial, using detect magic to try and solve releasing her. Logically that means dispel magic should be in too, but level 3 so not appropriate for this puzzle at level 1.

These are not used at the moment, which is annoying. Surely, they should affect your jump distance as well as strength. Other cool implementations could include giving you bonuses to climbing etc so that it costs you less movement to get the high ground so valued by a bow user. This is exactly what a DM might ask for in a table top game, the player to make one of these checks to get high up for an advantage attacking.

TLDR for your summary;

*Athletics and Acrobatics to affect jump distance, vertical movement.

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