General feedback on EA experience here:


Is there a reason to lock the camera angle/tilt? I can’t remember if DOS/DOS2 was like this, but its really annoying when you’re fighting someone inside a building from outside, or when they’re above/below you significantly. I feel like I constantly want to angle the camera but all you can do is zoom, go to top down view (tactical) or swivel/pan around.

TLDR for your summary;

*More camera freedom


I think its too fast. Funny right? I heard Larian saying that speeding up combat was a focus for them in one of the pre-EA panels/shows/updates. I think it has gone too far the other way. We’re not given the time to enjoy combat, and a lot of the nuances fly by without really penetrating the scalp because the combat log zooms by and has separate lines that you have to mouse over in specific places to see the rolls, and what happened. Half the time as my light cleric it was hard to tell my reaction was going off, and if you check the combat log you can’t even see any acknowledgement that it was used. Speeding up combat was used as the reasoning for reactions having to be automatic, more on that later, and honestly its pretty hard to tell what is going on from one moment to the next, though some of the battle verticality and spread, combined with the camera angle lock might be to blame.

Even the crit marker is bad at the moment, because it’s the only dice roll you see but it completely hides the damage you do, putting you into some kind of action cam which often hides the actual impact of the attack. More on putting the dice on screen later.

The time it takes for some NPCs to “decide” what to do is vexing, and this is not intended I guess, so not part of my feedback above. I’m really talking about how fast activated skills fly by doing their thing. Something that is a d20 roll, followed by damage dice is over in half a second right now and I'd prefer it was a few seconds long I guess so we could see what is happening. It may also pave the way for a better reaction system.....

TLDR for your summary;

*Large debate about reactions (and how nerfed they are as automatic, non player controlled)
*Large debate around the pace of combat
*AI "thinking" delay/bug aritifically extends combat time
*See more dice?


Automated reactions are not as bad as I first thought they would be. It makes sense for some things. AoO is fine, when it’s the only thing you have anyway, and stuff like “Shield” (Currently not ingame?) or even Riposte (battlemaster). The problem comes when a class has multiple reaction triggers, some more preferred or appropriate than others, or when an iconic and powerful reaction needs specific player agency and control to a) be used most effectively and/or b) to make the player feel powerful and like they’re having a key impact. Counterspell and Cutting Words would be my examples here. I don’t see any way of implementing these automatically, without nerfing them or changing them. Cutting words is a dice roll, and the caster is meant to know the attack result before they decide to use it. Moreover the caster might or would use this to prevent an attack on a key ally at a key moment, when an opportunity presents itself. Warding flare is another good example (improved). Impose disadvantage on a creature you can see attacking a creature other than you. Automatically this will just trigger on the first attack following the clerics players turn? I want to be able to save my wizard with it, or myself, or however I choose to use it. Choose being the key word. What about counterspell? Will I just stop some half-caster’s cantrip because it’s the first spell cast after my turn, leaving the party wide open for the fireball?

I’m not sure of the solution. But given that I feel like combat is already too fast, I’d honestly prefer interrupting the combat flow to present the player with a few seconds worth of “do you want to counter this spell?” rather than destroying these iconic abilities to make them work under the automated system. Please rethink this!

TLDR for your summary;

*Automatic reactions will not work for some more complex reactions for other classes/features from higher levels or not yet implemented
*Solution needed, do not want to see all these nerfed or left out to fit in with automated system currently in game


I feel like we don’t see enough dice for a D&D game. I kind of get why a lot of it is hidden, and I’m not saying that we need to see every dice roll, but there are options here. We could just have toggles for a lot of it, so you can see your damage rolls and have it presented on screen instead of the “floating combat text” that shows just your damage – an option people could disable if they wanted.

Initiative is a good one for me. Currently I can’t even find where you see your initiative (number), you just get placed on the initiative track and that’s it. I feel like I want to see the dice, and see my bonus get added. It can feel pretty bad when you’re really low in a big fight. If you see the bad roll, then at least you experienced it on screen and understand what happened. Put the numbers on the portraits of the turn order too.

Doing this on screen I think could help make the combat more D&D, as well as solve some of the pacing issues mentioned above. I consider this a great multiplayer feature as well to be honest, anyone who has played D&D knows that one of the simple joys is looking at your friends damage dice and seeing those 4 D8s roll really high above average. Let us see that if we want, gate it behind an option if you think not everyone wants to see – but I’d be willing to bet it would be popular.

TLDR for your summary;

*See more dice/rolls ingame.
*All players in multiplayer should see dice rolls from allies
*Option to have attack/damage/initiative (basically any roll) show on the screen, at least the result (not neccessarily a rolling dice like a skill check)

(Multiplayer) Dialogues

Some fellas made a couple of great threads on this already which I agree with 100%.

First, my personal pet peeve, automatic dialogues or ambush dialogues. You need to bloody well pull ALL the players into it, not just the one who triggered it. I do not want to miss things because someone was exploring ahead a bit. It makes no sense and can only create a negative multiplayer experience. I’d also say that manually selected and started dialogues should also pull in all players to “auto listen”, and they can have the option to leave (but not start more dialogues) if they’re wanting to sell etc.

Further to this, the best party members bonus should be used for any checks. NPCs are talking to the party, not the player who happened to click them first. Your party will have a ‘face’ who does your persuading, a wizard who does your arcane divining and a cleric who knows about religion. And everything in between. Maybe you have some massive holes, but thats how you decided to play! Making it the person who clicks first who gets to do the checks makes no sense when you consider it a cooperative party experience, especially in multiplayer, at least most of the time. I’m sure there are some cases where it makes sense. I guess if I’m using speak with animals, I shouldn’t get to use my bard’s charisma for checks while talking to a chihuahua, and you can balance those edge cases by enforcing the checks to be from the relevant player where appropriate. For the most part though put the player's name in the conversation response so we know whos bonus is being used (and who is providing the option if its a cool race/class/background/etc option) and give us all options so other party members can chip in. That person should then see the DC and click the dice, and that character should be the one who says the dialogue. Currently other players in multiplayer can’t see these rolls either, but they should. Rolling dice and watching others roll dice is the backbone of fun in D&D!

In the same way, the current voting system isn’t really a voting system as far as I can tell. It’s a vote suggestion, and the person controlling the dialogue can ignore the rest of the party and pick what they want. I’m not sure how big a deal this is, but it doesn’t fit with the party/cooperative spirit of the game again. NPCs are generally talking to the party, not just the player who clicked them first.

The DC reduction based on your skill bonus also doesn’t make sense. Obviously it’s the same, mathematically, but it doesn’t feel as good. Likewise your “guidance” bonus doesn’t even get shown to you. You should see the Guidance dice roll next to your D20, and then see them all get added up with your bonuses to your result. Reducing down a DC just makes it feel like there was no point in rolling the check somehow, and yes, that is just human psychology but what can I tell you. D&D have been doing it this way for years, and it works!

TLDR for your summary;

*Don't allow people in multiplayer to so easily miss story content/dialogue from conversations, bring all players into the conversation by default (allow them to leave if they want to do something else)
*Already mentioned in your summery, NPCs should talk to the party, not just the initiating player - other party members skill should be available to use for checks
*"Voting" system is more of a suggesstion system at the moment, do we want democracy? (debate)
*Show skills and bonuses, show bonus dice and let us roll them, dont reduce the DC

UI (Spell Slots/Spell Levels)

Adding a button for every spell slot level you can cast a low level spell is not a scalable solution, and the space economy it destroys even at level 3-4 is already showing that. I would suggest revisiting this with spells being represented by single icons, and then the spell slot levels for each spell being presented. Maybe even do it both ways, so you can select the slot first and then that changes all the spells on your bar to that spell slot level of each spell so you can mouseover and read the increase. The base should always be in the tooltip as well, so you can more easily see what the higher slot is giving you in terms of upgrade.

The way they get splashed onto the bar is also annoying, especially with every potion, scroll and usable ending up there too. Which brings me to..

TLDR for your summary;

*UI is not scalable for multiple spell slot versions of the same spell, make better. (Select Spell slot first, then click spell? - Make it obvious when some spells don't have a higher effect using a higher slot (EG, Fairy Fire)

Inventory Junk

There is too much inventory bloat imo, and not enough sorting options etc to help you manage it. With better options for sorting/selling I'm sure it could work, but honestly there are too many scrolls and potions etc dropping at the moment. I'm pretty sure spell scrolls are meant to be a lot more rare in the D&D setting, and having them littering the world like this is a bit silly I think.

I hate, with a passion, the fact that keys dont disappear when you've used them. Or have a tooltip saying if you've used them. Make it easy on us, please! We've got a tadpole in our brains, I don't need an hour of inventory shuffling when we get back to town, only to find 10 keys with no idea if they're all safe to throw away. Have a heart!

TLDR for your summary;

*Make keys go away when we've unlocked the item they are for, maybe even have them as a separate inventory
*Too much junk around, too many scrolls. Loot in D&D is generally gold, and gems etc - weapons armor etc should be around, but more rare

Encounter XP (non-violent resolution)

There are already loads of encounters in the game where you can resolve a situation through dialogue, with nonviolent solutions. This is great, and is how D&D is supposed to be played! Awesome! However, a DM would also give you the XP for resolving the encounter. Probably the same as if you had defeated the encounter with combat. It makes sense to do this, but it doesn’t seem like Larian are doing this. There are a lot of guides for DOS/DOS2 where you simply kill everyone in sight for the “better” XP path through the game, and it’s a fundamental flaw. I’d honestly prefer milestone progression where the party levels up at key quest completions than have a situation where the best way is just always going to be murder your way through Faehrun, and all the other planes. Resolving a situation with good check rolls, using your out of combat skills should be just as rewarding as using your in combat skills to murder everyone! Switch to milestone progression, or just reward the XP for each encounter much more evenly. 100% parity isn't required, but at the moment I feel like you get WAY more for just doing murder death kill. If I am wrong, its not presented very well.

TLDR for your summary;

*Already debated widely - killing everything is by far the better choice at the moment, peaceful or lawful/good playthroughs are a perfectly valid playstyle, reward them too with XP/loot

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