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I actually like the 4 party member limit. Bigger parties will slowdown combat .

We already addressed this: in short, that's not true at all.
First, because if anything more party members would "clean up" the enemies quicker.
Second, because making room for 6 party members doesn't mean you CAN'T still play wioth 4, 2, or even solo if you want (surprise surprise, that's exactly what some people did with the past two Baldur's Gate games).
The mere fact you are splitting exp among less party members automatically address party scalability making smaller parties level up faster.

Fair point.
But I have a feeling that if we have a party of 6, they'll just add more enemies to encounters slowing it down again.

It's just I'm afraid that if the game would be designed for a party of 6, playing with 4 would require me to cheese some aspects. But it really is a matter of design. For example, if the fact that I can pick locks will drive me to a point where I have use Knock and rest every 10 minutes that would't be fun. But, if it means I can advance in the game reasonably but have to pass on some tasty loot or shortcuts because I couldn't pick the lock - great. It means my next playthrough, with a rouge, will be different.

As I said, I'm ok with it if it's important to people - I'll work around it.

On a side note, I personally find it hard not to "do everything", open every chest, visit every room, etc.. when I can do it (due to having all options available) - but it does kill the enjoyment from future playthroughs. I like it when the game forces me to choose.

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