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I'm totally fine with turn based combat, I really don't get what people have against it.

It's slow and you're a spectator for 90% of the combat.

BG2 had turn based combat, but you didn't have to sit through everyone's turns. It happened seamlessly to the player. The computer calculated everything, and if you didn't make a move, you got skipped. To me, this is the huge advantage computers bring to playing D&D and any other turn based game. You have the option of playing it in something resembling real time, while at the same time giving players the option to step through things in turns if so desired. Look at how Pillars of Eternity has accommodated both turn based and "rtwp" playstyles. Sometimes I want to play on a high level of difficulty, and if that's the case turn based mode might help me fight better. Sometimes I want to play casually and enjoy the game and storyline, and in that case "rtwp" lets me run through encounters quicker and keeps things flowing better.

I literally spent 30 minutes on some of the fights in DOS2 near the end because you had to wait for your turn for so long due to the number of enemies or CCs. That's not fun or engaging. It's like playing chess and the enemy gets 20 moves to your 1 move. But then half the time they CC you and you now have to wait 40 moves to do anything. I would've quit if I hadn't already invested so much time into the game by that point. And if you die and lose the fight, now you've wasted an hour on a fight that could've been repeated 5-10x in a rtwp mode.

If it was isometric I could kind of get behind turn based, but in an over the shoulder 3D game it's awful.

Yes, I realize it causes problems with initiative, but I'll trade that for not having to sit and wait my turn for 30 minutes. If I wanted to be a spectator I'd watch twitch streams of BG3.

I agree that in turn-based combat fights can take a long time, but I totally disagree with your premise that we are just spectators in this mode. On the contrary, the reason I prefer turn based is because I can decide each action of my combatants, while in RTwP, I have to watch the battle unfold and pause a few times to use a spell or some other action, and i find this tedious. Ultimately, we should be asking Larian to develop a way for combats to be faster without taking the complexity out of the game, because clearly they are not going to get rid of turn-based combat, and i agree with them, since it is more efficient for a D&D CRPG.

The problem is, you can build turn based on top of RTWP. It's the same thing. Good luck getting Larian to do the reverse and give us both the playstyle we prefer. If I wanted to play tabletop D&D with turns I would play tabletop.