I agree wholeheartedly. I played DOS2 and really disliked how they handled controlling your party. (or lack of control i should say)
BG3 seems to have the exact same issue, causing my party members to:
-damage/debuff/kill themselves on terrains like fire/acid etc.
-trigger cutscenes, and failing throws in said cutscenes because they don't have the proper stats for it
-trigger combat miles away from the rest of the party
-falling into holes
-separating from the party and getting stuck somewhere (which i often don't notice and have to lead that single party member back to the rest)

I suspect people who haven't played DOS2 will struggle A LOT especially with the "chaining party members together to control them all" mechanic. I also think a good idea would be bringing back selecting multiple characters by holding shift and clicking their portraits, much more handy. Also as many others said, I hope Larian improves pathfinding for npcs! Besides avoiding traps, my party seems to enjoy picking roundabout ways to get to a destination, which imo should not happen!

Please excuse my poor English, I'm not a native speaker! Thanks smile