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-Origins: I know it would be some work, but I strongly encourage Larian to consider adding 2-3 hours of gameplay around your custom player's origin. For example, you're a Drow-lolth sworn, you spend a few in-game hours learning about your culture and how you got kidnapped by the Mind-flayers. As it stands, I really didn't feel much connection to my PC until about halfway into Act 1. I'd really like to flesh out my pc as a person in game before getting thrown into the insanity.

Oh yes, this, please... bump up the starting lvl for the main story to 3 and give us 1-2 hours of prologue per origin story... it would also soften the punch of meeting all those super special "DM's nightmare" characters later. We know it's you first foray into the Realms, Larian, but you really can't go that allout from the outset in this setting, as you could in your own, it's charring!