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5e does allow everyone to use scrolls though.

That's the misconception Larian has fallen victim to, too, I guess: Yes, all characters can use MAGIC scrolls - which are basically one-use magic items, but only casters can use (and, in the case of Wizards, copy) SPELL scrolls - ie. scrolls on which actual arcane/divine spells have been written on to be used by casters who have to those spells on their list of useable spells. As it happens, most scrolls you can find in the game right now are of the latter variety, and should NOT be useable by everyone.

I can't get to the books right now. I'm at work.

But as I recall, there are divine scrolls in 5e. Anyone can use them.
i was wrong here, thanks for verifying.

I am for the proficiency in skill requirement, otherwise maybe check or no use at all. For this game it would make more sense, be cooler, more realistic and pull it away from DOS, something that's been raging many people.

The books rule it's class limited. That would be fine too.

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