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and no I don't believe "let the modders fix it" is a valid response. Larian is big enough with enough staff that it is something they should be able to implement themselves without relying on their customers to fix their game or add features that large portions of their fan base want since it is a feature of the two previous games this is a sequel to.

Yeah exactly what I said earlier, this approach is just really lazy. As a developer myself (altough not in the gaming industry) I can't imagine leaving solutions my costumer is actually asking for them to develop. We are on sprint 1 of the open beta/ Early Acess in which new requisites might be added so yeah they should listen to the base instead and try to adapt.

One could argument gamers as costumers are a multitude of players so there'll always be two sides, but IF you actually made a poll or used Sentiment analysis with machine learning you're most certain to get the most you need from the steam/larian/GOG foruns to really make it so the fans of Baldur's Gate actually see this as another game of the franchise instead of another DOS.

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