The Urchin and Criminal backgrounds doesn't seem to grant proficiency in Thieves' Tools/Trap Disarm Kits (which should come as a set in terms of proficiency bonuses).

IF Disguise Kits are going to be a thing (and disguises might be a thing because of the Disguise Self spell), the Charlatan, Entertainer, and Urchin backgrounds should grant proficiency in that.
IF Forgery is going to be in the game (a long shot), the Charlatan background should grant proficiency in that.


When casting spells which can be cast at a higher level, clicking on the spell should bring up a floating menu to select which spell level to cast it at. If you have no slots of a certain level, it should be grayed-out and unselectable. The current implementation of having multiple levels of spells scattered around the hotbar is just plain bad.

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