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Not interested in this as a feature to be honest. D&D 5e is turned based initiative turn order, thats exactly what we have.

And I would like to see any tabletop game with actual real time battle. Maybe in distant future with VR... (but again that would be VR game not tabletop) but for now we have compter that can make all trows and calculations to make that happen and I can't understand why in COMPUTER game we must stick to the TABLETOP rules. If something prevent you from making good RTwP combat - just change or remove it from rules. It's not like Larian not changed tabletop rules for BG3 already so you can't say that it's 5e to the core.

Because it is a game with a TABLETOP ruleset, ffs. I don't go buy an RTS game and complain that it is in real time. "GOSH, why do they have to have REAL TIME COMBAT in an RTS game, can't they just make it turn based so I don't have to rush my moves?? OMG CHANGE IT!!!!!"

That is literally what you are doing right now with BG3.