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Firebolt: Feels lackluster. What is supposed to be wizard's bread and butter attack is now something that destroys their webs and grease, leaves annoying un-immersive fire puddles everywhere and does less on hit damage than Ray of Frost, a CC spell.
Ray of Frost: The slowed movement would be better than the annoying puddle melee fighters get affected by.
Find Familiar: Not being able to use this as a ritual or cast spells through it kinda just makes it feel like a ranger pet, not a celestial/fay/fiend you have made your servant through magic. Having to resummon it after every long rest is annoying and hopefully by the time EA is done we have all the animals listed in the PhB as options ( bat, frog (toad), hawk, lizard, octopus, owl, P
poisonous snake, fish (quipper), sea horse, and weasel missing)
Control Water: Can't pour water into a lock and use Control Water to make it freeze and break the lock. 0/10 unplayable.


Companions should not trigger dialogue: Contrary to some other feedback I've seen, I never want to do dialogue as my companion, they are an NPC. Main character should always be the face of the party in singleplayer.
Sneak Attack: Should be automated when requirements are met. The UI should also indicate when the requirements are met on the target.
Starting Gear: You should be able to choose your starting gear based on your class and proficiencies like you can in PnP. For example, Life Clerics should get their heavy armor and Githyanki Wizards their medium armor in the creation.
Rests: Two short rests per a long rest would be better.
Speeding up animations: Option to speed up enemy turn animations would make the combat go faster. Games such as Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Fire Emblem: Three Houses have this function and it's great.
Group Movement: If linked, everyone should crouch when the PC crouches. Similarly, everyone should jump when the PC jumps up a hill.
Hidden Character and Initiative: If close enough to combat, hidden characters should absolutely be part of the initiative roll. Having to manually drag them into the combat is just weird.
Invoke Duplicity: This skill was butchered bad. At the very least let the cleric cast spells through it.
Carry Weight: Party sharing inventory and weight would be a great QoL change because shuffling loot around from low STR character to high STR character or having to loot on a specific character at all times is annoying.
Food: The healing effect is just devaluing potions, rest and healing abilities and trivializing resource management while the items are cluttering inventory.
Seduction: There is no seduction dialogues. Larian plz
Amulets: Oh god the amulets! Why are they everywhere, why is there no enchanted rings?

Spell Preparation: The spellbook UI doesn't clearly tell how many spells you can have prepared.
Spells on Hotbar: The hotbar is terrible for casters. Not being able to tell what level a spell is at glance is bad.

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