So, I haven't played a lot yet. And I've read the OP of this thread and I think I have my two cents to add. I played around 6 hours of the game and have mainly focused on bugs or strange behaviour, not really the same kind of improvements that I see in the OP.

Here's what I found:
* First campfire, talk with Gale. Just before he says the line "That's not abstract.", the dialog options already appear.
* Inside the Dank Crypt, all the way in the back are objects you can interact with through walls.
* Turn order doesn't always get respected during combat (this happened to me during the fight in the dank crypt)
* In the cutscene when opening the sarcophagus in the Dank Crypt, my dwarf appears to be pushing the whole sarcophagus instead of the lid at some point.
* When jumping to certain heights, Shadowheart's ponytail got stuck at some point resulting in a terrible tearing where her ponytail suddenly grew by 5 meters. It reset itself at the end of the jump animation, though.
* The icon for a bloodstone looks more like a rat's tail
* Splitting items in the trade screen doesn't work, I tried splitting 3 Rope, in a pile of 2 and 1, I end up with 3 every time.
* In The Hollow I attacked some random NPC's and most of them turned agressive, but when it was their turn to act in combat, nobody did anything.
* After switching a character during exploration, I have to recenter the camera on that character

I hope this is of use to somebody