I have no idea why everyone is against the supposed alignments of the current companions and everyone being so hostile. *I haven't completed a playthrough*


Astarion is obviously in the evil/neutral area but he was a thrall for vampires. He has lived with vampires. However, if you show him decency and trust he shows a very loyal side to him that seems almost good. He earnestly thanks you for letting you feed.
I find him to be someone that has lived in an evil environment so he has evil survivalist tendencies but responds to respect and kindness towards him very innocently?

Shadowheart - is someone who is devout. She doesn't seem MUAHAHA evil but someone who was most likely a good person but was shown mercy and love by an evil goddess. There is a lot of nuance in her character. Embaressment, humour, surprise, bluntness. These aren't the signs of a one sided evil character
but rather someone who is more than her "Evil Cleric" tag.

Gale: I honestly really like him. I don't care he that is pompous. He is a wizard and a pretty good one too.

Laezal: I get she is supposed to be "evil" but I honestly don't see it all the way. Especially when you catch her hiding something. She doesn't feel great about looking for her group but rather from a sense of duty. She seems like a very extreme "turian" for my mass effect folks.

Wylle: Good boi with dark beginnings. I think we always need good characters that are just good.

On every other NPC
Tieflings are on a survivalist mindset. You really think they are gonna fully take in someone new? Prove yourself
Druids don't want the tieflings there, that includes you bud.
There is this really nice old lady that gives you potions
Nettie wants to help you and she does it in the only way she can because Halsin isn't there.

You are in a very dire time where people are in survival mode, tensions are super high, and you want someone to go "Hey pal, how are you doing? I'm just bubbling with joy to meet you. Wanna go on an adventure?"

I suspect that we will find more open NPCs in future acts and more adventuring attitudes. But a first Act where you crash landed into what is basically a skirmish with companions of complex backgrounds and the same problem as you, I EXPECT to have to prove myself. i EXPECT NPCs to be weary of me.

What I really think needs work is more live reactions from companions when something happens. Like my head going into the Mind Flayer or when I wanna help the Absolute group. I don't think Wylle will take that as calmly as he did when I said I would help them. With tension and hostility this high, I expect companions to stand their ground more on certain topics. For example, why does Shadowheart have a problem with Laezal when I recruit Shadowheart at the camp but doesn't have one when I recruit Shadow Heart at the entrance of the ruins first? Just a little inconsistency to me.