Sorry if any (or all) of these are repeats:

Main thing is not being able to save in multiplayer if the host's game thinks that one of the other PCs is in a dialogue still. I'm sure that's been reported a bunch.
I am unable to click and drag items in my inventory to another location (in my own, on my bar, or into someone else's).
In the first room after you spawn, my friend's PC was pushed out under the map when I pressed the elevator button (going down) and he wasn't quite on or off the elevator.
We ended up fighting the two tieflings outside the caged gobbo - at one point the male tielfing turned to the cage door and tried to open it (displayed "Locked/Locked/Locked/Locked" etc) for about 60 seconds before ending his turn.
The lady who is singing to the squirrels near the druid's grove had a bit of an issue where her instrument (lute or something?) wasn't displaying.
The first cutscene with Wyll had terrible hiccups and some missing lines.

Spelling errors:
In the owlbear cave, a description of Selune calls her the "Moonmaden" instead of "Moonmaiden."
During the lead up to the harpy fight, a line says "beckens" instead of "beckons."