So I got early release to help make the game better, since I can't find a good way to submit feedback in game, guess I'll do so here. After let's say 20 hours of very slow methodical play (just the way I like)

-Sometimes when NPC's die and the animation can't put them on flat land the model really bugs out on how it lands in a very distorted way
-I'm just going to assume inventory management still has several iterations to go through before it's finished, there's a lot here to be done
-I can unmemorize and memorize spells in the middle of the day. Example, after a battle I can unmemorize bless, memorize prayer of healing, cast prayer of healing to heal everyone, unmemorize prayer of healing and memorize bless again. Same with create water, no reason to take up a memorization slot when you can flip to these spells whenever needed. This should be something you can change only during long rests.
-Fighter superiority dice don't seem to be decreasing when you successfully hit an enemy with riposte, menacing attack or pushing attack. Once I get those they just become default attacks
-If I'm right next to an enemy and want to move around to his flank or to threaten multiple creatures, it's a 50/50 chance whether I leave melee range when I don't need to and provide an opportunity attack.
-When next to a creature and using jump/disengage, sometimes you take a step away first, provoke the attack you were trying to avoid provoking and then make the jump.
-As a dualist when looking at my character sheet I don't see the extra damage displayed, I only know it's being applied by hitting something (usually party members for testing) and seeing it added in the combat log.
-The combat log entry for sneak attack is just awful, can we just see an extra d6 rolled for every odd level? that's chunky and fun!
-When moving in combat can I see my character's circle as well as the threat range of his currently equiped weapon at the end of the movement line? Sometimes I'm trying to get to a certain spot while staying in threat range of an enemy during a dash and often I didn't get close enough to the enemy to threaten them.
-Shove is a neat idea but as a bonus action with no cost it's getting a bit abusive, if you're in melee and don't have a bonus action you need to do, why not try it? Maybe make it 1 time use and have a short rest refresh?
-Still a small sample size, so I'll keep recording results, but in 22 skill checks so far only 6 of them have rolled double digits on the dice, 27% when it should be 55% over a long period. If it truely is random and ends up equaling out over the long haul that's great, but I don't won't enjoy loaded dice weighed against me.
-Force Attack needs a keybind
-Jump needsd a keybind
-If your whole party is linked and you jump somewhere, could the rest of your party follow if every member is capable of making the jump?
-Would be nice to be able to target abilities on other people with the portraits, if I want to second wind or activate dash or some such and I already have the screen centered on where I want to end up, having to go back to click them is inconvenient.
-Playing a fighter (and presumably will be the case when I play a life cleric) the first thing I did was steal Lae'zel's armor, giving her mine, is that expected or should it be bound to her in some way?
-As a PC Fighter dualist, it took me a long time to find a second shield, so I stole shadowheart's and she had to go without for quite a while, could we get a guaranteed spawn of such simple gear a bit earlier?
-The vendor price gouging seems a bit overtuned, the 750gp value owlbear egg sells for 300gp and then that same egg can be bought back for 1875gp that's quite a huge swing. If that's the goal, great, accomplished but I will never buy from a vendor at those kind of prices. And feel like I need to pick up every plate and bucket I can find just to hose vendor's over by squeezing another gold coin out of them. Could we establish that vendor's sell for the listed value and buy for whatever meager percentage of the listed value they want, that way it doesn't appear they are double dipping on the FU bong?
-I'm not sure what weight value you get overencumbered movement penalties at but it doesn't seem to be at carry weight, I can go well over before I see the encumbered status pop up.
-Do you need to wear boots for anything in this game because those starter one's everyone comes with sure sell well.
-Party Size - not sure what can be done about this at this point but 4 person party feels WAY too limiting in DnD where classes naturally specialize players in one way or another. Having 2 fighters or 2 wizards in a party of 4 REALLY feels like you are forgoing some other necessary component of party balance and as such truly limits the party composition you can bring. I can see challenge runs where you only take 4 but my current party has 2 fighters and no arcane casters despite 2 such classes being available, just no spots, need a healer and rogue for sure.
-Opening up containers is taking a lot of time, but it's an RPG, that's what you do, opening up containers and finding nothing in them most of the time doesn't as probably intended make that one time you do find something cool fun, it just makes most of the game where you find nothing dull and depressing.
-First time at camp with Astarion, rafael shows up, have a conversation then talk to him, he immediatly blurts out "I'm not trading a vampiric master for a fiendish one" I've watched the pre-release stuff where they played as Astarion and knew he was a vampire, but if I hadn't, that's quite the spoiler.

edit - some were already mentioned on the front page, just now finished reading that post

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