Just a few things i found while playing so far

In the first area that you battle the 3 imps on the nautiloid there is a repeating imp flying from the ceiling and through the floor on the left next to the two cannons about every 10 seconds.

In the crashed ship the three people trying to rescue the dying mindflayer the mind flayers tentacles are disappearing straight into the ground like they are going through the map.

The first conversation with Gale in the camp when he goes on his rant your dialogue options show up then disappear before he is done talking then show up again once he is done talking.

When looting any object if you loot more then one the inventory screens continue to stack on top of each other then you have to manually close each one instead of if you open another the first automatically closes.

When looting objects in inventory screens you have to double click instead of just single clicking not sure if this meant to be this way or not being able to single click and receive item is a personal preference.

After saving Lae'zel from the trap in the woods during the dialogue scene after shadowheart says "lies get rid of her" a tree branch gets in the way of your character almost entirely.

Beast master for the ranger the bear which is supposed to take more damage has only 19 hp compared to the spider which has 32hp wondering if that is a mistake. Also the AC of the bear is an 11 while the Spider is 14 the spider seems way to OP compared to what the bear is supposed to be able to do.

Gloves of Power which give the wearer Absolutes bane also inflicts bane upon the wearer on every attack and not just the enemy you attack not sure if this is a bug or just how the item was made to work.

Pickpocketing ppl if successful should not cause them to attack being successful should mean you get away with the pickpocket makes it a moot point to not just kill them and take their stuff if it just causes a fight anyway. Pickpocketed Dammon in the druids grove successfully a couple of times left the area then when loaded back in had to fight the whole area most were normal refugees and did nothing but stand there but had to kill them to move on one was a guard which caused more to join into the fight and kept happening the more you would move and people would see you.