I feel like everything I want to bring up has been brought up. I just want a vote ticker so we can all be heard for certain things.

Like surfaces, fix them silly so much to say about this not being D:OS2 please!

Character sheet, make them look a little like PnP(Pen and Paper) and included everything like my fighting style.

Cantrips, see surfaces. And fix damages/ranges/etc.

Scrolls, um.... it wasn't broke in PnP, it didn't need fixing, put it back.

Weird free weapon feats/moves. I mean it is kind of cool, like something you might try in PnP by asking the DM, but they would always say "Roll at disadvantage". So keep them, just roll at disadvantage. Or just remove them.

Jump, um cool... whoa wait.... oh shit the snowball is getting bigger!! By level 4 all the enemies seem to jump farther then my max bow range and they all knock the whole group over. Sheesh calm this shit down. Plus separate it from disengage and make it a part of your movement.

Disengage, bonus action free for all! I still don't know how I feel about all these new bonus actions. But I do feel that changing them was not an improvement. Even the potion as an action was fine. I didn't need that many potions until it became normal for the ground to be covered in exploding acid fire and other terrain effects. (And I know Critical Roll uses potions as a bonus action, but they are cheesy too.)

If you wanted to add all this weird non-DnD stuff to "make it more fun." or "Certain things need to bla bla computers!" then you should have just added stuff from DnD that already exists. Like Dodge, Ready Action (at minimum an overwatch feature.) grapple (Just have the PC extend their arms to 'hold' whatever would be grappled. It doesn't have to look like wwe.) and let the levels fly! Level 20 in a CRPG is a cake to manage, don't stop at 10.

But yeah, some type of tally vote for these themes. That would be cool.