I've had a few bugs that I'm not sure if have been mentioned, skim read the thread and didnt see them, but I dont have time to grab clips or examples just yet - will do as soon as I'm able. I can state them now, then if any haven't been mentioned, I can look through my VODs and find them.

  • Applying poison completely breaks combat for the player character - essentially, I added poison to a weapon and I couldnt attack, use spells or anything. If I moved, even if I used all my movement, my character would just walk back to where he was. This also happened in some other occasions where I didnt add poison, so I'm not sure about this one.
  • Pushing a Bugbear from a.... pretty lethal height.... didnt kill him. In fact, he didnt seem all that upset. https://clips.twitch.tv/OpenSparklingWitchAsianGlow
  • Enemies sometimes run through/see through open doors. If the door is closed, it's usually fine. However, if a large door is open, my characters dont run or attack through them, but enemies have no problem throwing grenades or shooting arrows through them. Then walking through them to stab me in the face. (basically the open door object doesnt apply as a physical object to the enemies for some reason)
  • Some missing objects during dialogue. During the party at my camp with the Tieflings, everyone seemed to be very drunk on invisible wine (no wine glasses in their hands). Also, if someone draws their sword, they do the motion but the sword stays on their hip

I'll try to add more VOD links/Clips when I'm a little less busy tomorrow, just thought I'd throw the bugs down as a comment first before I forget them all.