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The problem as I see it is that the game is still allowing you to "game" the system just like in Dragon Age. Doesn't matter what the characters personality is, as long as you are helpful to them they "like" you and become more likeable because of it. I think most are not gaming the system and so not finding the companions likeable as they are used to playing more good aligned characters. Also, Lots of folks obviously didn't get the memo that this is an evil party and they are finding it surprising or frustrating having to deal with companions that immediately give off a jerky vibe.

It's more than just that; most complainers don't know how to communicate properly, to observe the mood and mindset before picking a line that shouldn't be picked. There is a right time and can't just ask or say anything, just because that option is there.

Some NPC's will react badly no matter what, but many will have a different reaction if you have the right background, stats, you do the right thing and are picking the right lines when the time is right.