I just finished the EA content.
Some observations:
- Missing the cleric spell Spiritual Hammer - it is kind of iconic and what Clerics use almost universally for their bonus action.

- Some of the warlock invocations are not working - specifically Devil's sight doesn't allow the warlock to see in magical darkness created by the darkness spell.

- The Great Weapon Fighter feat is not allowing a bonus action attack upon kill / crit.

- Rogue's should have sneak atk dmg of 2d6 starting at 3rd level - currently it stays the same at 1d6

- The first enemy encountered after jumping down into the underdark (no spoiler) seems to be immune to Thunderwave. I cast it on them 3 times, and they never rolled to save or took damage. Also they seem to have 3 actions and a bonus action apeice... dunno if that is intended or not.

- I have a ring that seems to indicate it provides darkvision (pierces the deepest shadows - Sunrise Ring or something like that) but it does nothing.

- I found a magic polearm that is supposed to do 1 psychic dmg when used in melee - I can handle 1 psychic dmg / attack, but it actually does half the damage done as psychic to the wielder. Taking 12 psychic dmg every time I attack when I only have 30 hp is ... well - who would use that for more than 1 fight?

- There don't seem to be any cloaks, belts or magic helms ... maybe 1 hood of shadows.

- There are no or minimal experience rewards for successful roleplay or succeeding on rolls in the cutscenes. The result is very slow xp gain for a group that succeeds at the rolls in conversations compared to the group that just murder-hobos their way thru the game. Why talk to those 8 goblins for zero xp instead of killing them all for 25xp / each?

- The dancing lights and light cantrips do not seem to be providing light. A target that has a 55% chance of being hit due to being obscured by shadows, retains that same hit chance after casting light / dancing lights.

- Negative dex mods do not reduce the armor class while wearing armor. The whole idea behind dumping the dex stat is that you can use armor to make up for it. Plate provides 18 AC even with 8 in dex... not 17 due to the -1 score.

- For most classes CHA is a dump stat - but with all of the cutscenes there is almost always a CHA based roll. This is all well and good when the story is the thing, but when the only way to avoid a massive fight is with a CHA based roll - it is difficult to avoid constantly save-scumming due to having no FACE character in the party. Without Sorcerers, Paladin, or Bards - the only viable option is the Warlock and with only a few of the invocations working, it's like having a gimped wizard in the group just hoping for a decent roll in the dialogue to avoid ... well, murder hoboing thru. In a party - everyone would roll, but in game - whoever is talking does the rolling - so that 8 CHA Githyanki is screwing us all while the 16 CHA warlock cringes on the sidelines.