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Originally Posted by Darth Rauko
- Add more companions, and a custom party from the beginning. link

- Turn-based/Real Time with Pause link

- A proper party size (5 or 6) link

- Alignment and reputation

- Party pathfinding and Party formations link

- how about weather conditions / dynamic weather (maybe storms), and see the times of the day happen, day and night cycle (dawn, dusk, midnight) very important in d&d and implemented in the old games (bg1&2)

- non-combat XP (Encounter XP (non-violent resolution)).

- Disable fasttravel on the minimap icon. Activate it only directly on runes (fasttravel points). Reduce fasttravelpoints radical, because we want to explore the map oldschool and dont want to teleport.

- Better inventory management

- Outline all usable spots on ALT

- Rework the restingsystem. Maybe two short rest?

- Got another presentation/UI one, a old one (pen paper feel) and new fonts

- Jumping only for rogues

- Fog of war

- Weapons: game should let player opt to use versatile weapons 1H or 2H regardless whether their offhand is empty or not. Longbows, shortbows, and crossbows all having the same range doesn't make sense. Longbows and crossbows should have a longer range than shortbows.

+ multiclass and dual class (for humans!)

In D&D 5e, its all just multiclassing, and multi classing isn't like in 2e. it's closer to dual classing, except you can freely keep increasing either classes level, and you don't start XP back at 0 again.