Technical Issue
-Game crash in the opening scene after taking control of the nautiloid cutscene.
-Game crashes sometimes when adjusting graphics
- Mage Armor makes player character (playing Tiefling Wizard) and follower characters (Gale) nude/translucent save for head/tail or just head.

Gameplay/Creative issue
-Silence Scroll doesn't work? (or at least, not worked as hoped). Used it on the cracked entrance at the upper level to the goblin camp. Sleeping goblins still woke up.
-The Speak with Dead spell/amulet doesn't work on the corpses outside of the village that the goblins raided. The game says the dead won't talk if you killed them (and I didn't). Having a corpse warn of goblins or a mouthy dead goblin laugh in your face before the party spots/walks into the ambush would be great.

Smearing poo on your face scene--all the goblins make comments on it...but it doesn't show up on your character.

I know there's more, but writing them out at the moment made me blank. xD

But seriously, I am loving this game as a 5e and RPG games (die-hard Dragon Age and Baldur's Gate fan and DOS2) and the love you guys put into this is clear. Keep up the great work!