i killed the hag upstairs before she ran away, but i had to realod a bit, and in one of the attempts i noticed she disappeared and i thought i would give a try and i smacked some aoe "area of effect damage" around , surprise the old lady was invisible laugh and i got just the right spot, so i took her out of invis and finished her,then killed ot the redcaps then i went downstairs long story with saving masked people but in the bottom i saw Marry in the cage and hags body was laying there too ... maybe teleported?? maybe i wasnt supposed to be able to kill her upstairs , who knows , i released Marry and looted everything when i went out of the cave she was there by the body of her husband and i had option to say that i can resurrect her husband, she said do it, and i did and then they both went the f. out of there, and i decided for just this one time i will let the undead walk away ))