Disagreeing with this. I personally think they have enough, and to add more will simply add more blinking to the game. Which can trigger seizures, headaches and things. I personally feel the autosaves are enough, and it's on the player to remember to save.

Especially do to the time in between fights being rather small. Your talking about adding quicksaves where they may very well trigger every five minutes. It's easier for 'you' to get in the habit of saving when you

on every short rest
on every camp start
on every fight start
on every quest objective updates

this would be alot of blinking, and even annoying. Short rests are a button push by you the player, so is f5.

Every fight start, do you mean every time there is a probability of fighting? If so thats nearly every npc you approach, including your other party members. Or if it's every time the fight activates? you may very well want to save b4 that in case you can't beat the fight. So suddenly for every fight there is 2 saves. one right b4, one right before that one.

Every camp start again it's a button press for 'you' to do that, so is f5.

every quest objective update. Depending on how you run through areas that could be every 30 - 60 seconds in some areas. for instance the grove has multipule quests all within a short time of each other. So your screen will be spazzing out rapidly which again can cause seizuers, headaches, and other things.

I personally feel it is the players responsibility to add these extra saves, and find the autosaves to be sufficient as they are.