Ouch, already 9 pages...

Forgive me, I only read the first page. My understanding is that the first post will be updated from time to time to keep up with new ideas / system ?

Here's part of my list then :

1 - Silent main protagonist
I don't think it will be added but it's a big one for me. I don't mind having only 1 or 2 voices to chose from at the creation, but having my main character standing still looking concerned without emitting a sound is really disturbing ! Especially since there is a close up on him everytime he has to talk !
It's also disturbing in a AAA game of 2020 / early 2021 ! For exemple mass effect have full voice (male & female) on each of the 4 usual dialogue options in every conversation... and it's from 2007!!!

2 - Silent companions
Same for them : I remember my companions engaging each other, and engaging with me about pretty much everything since Baldur's Gate 1, even more in BG2 (anomen/keldorn, aerie/korgan, jan jansen/everyone, etc.) It was also a very good part in DAO (Morrigan/Mabari :D) and of course Mass Effect.
=> Talking companions during dialogues and in random parts of the game is a real bonus for immersion. Right know it looks like I have ragdolls with me.

3 - Camp empty
Right now, the camp is just a mini map with few rollbeds and companions standing still. Once again, the comparison with other game (the class base in BG2, the Normandy in mass effect, the stronghold in POE.... even DAO, with the cinematic talks and the merchant) is not good. If it's only to switch companions go back to BG2 with companions having a life, a goal and that could be hired at specific places. If not, they need to flesh out the place and interaction between the companions and us !

4 - team movements
It's already on the first message, so very quickly :
- need to automatize some movements outside fights (like jumping an obstacle for all members of the party)
- need to spread out the members of the party, there is often collision at the begining of combat because of it.

5 - Wallhack scouting !
Another already in the first message :
I can see through walls in dungeon, so even without trying too, i can see hidden rooms, or enemies beyond close doors :-/ kinda ruins the thing. => fog of war...

6 - First companions are all mean...
I know there will be more companion in the final game, but right know the first 4 are all bastards.
- Shadowheart is an heartless priest... of Shar
- Laezel is straight out comptentuous & mean
- Astarion is straight out try to murder us
- Gale is straight out pompuous and arrogant...
I mean : ok, if everyone hate me, I won't want to play with them... so I won't want to play the game.
=> Huge need to balance between mean and nice characters encounter, to avoid people quitting the game after 2h saying "ok, fuck you too, i quit" : Companions = friends. Right now it just feel like having mercenaries.

PS :
J'aime le fromage.

Tout le monde aime le fromage grin

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