Objectively, yes the imp is too strong for what it is. And it's infinitely castable. However, at the moment what makes it far too strong is the fact that enemies completely ignore the imp for some reason. I've used the imp for a few hours of gameplay, and not once did it die. And to put things into perspective, here is what that imp accomplished during that timespan:
-Fought the owlbear and cub in the cave alongside the team
-Initiated the fight against the goblins in blighted village and sustained the ENTIRE brunt of the ambush attack (and lived). Subsequently killed 4 goblins single handedly

Perhaps the imp will become less useful in Act 2 and 3, but in Act 1 it's entirely overpowered. It eats up too many enemy attacks (and lives), and does too much damage whilst often going completely ignored in close combat.

The optimal way to balance the imp is to make it castable once per long rest. Other details, such as damage, hp, and infinite roam range are another topic that the developers can decide on.

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