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You are full of it. Firstly, the discussion here is about RTwP v. TB. RTS games are completely different and separate from RTwP games. So clearly you are desperately engaging in obfuscation. Secondly, wrt RTwP games, their forums are loaded with demands from TB fans that the game be changed to TB. And that, ultimately, is my issue here. Far too many TB fans (though obviously not everyone) have the attitude that all cRPGs must be TB. RTwP fans however don't have that attitude or expectation, and are merely fighting to try and have at least a few RTwP cRPGs out there that we can play and enjoy.

That is utter bullshit. There are just as many RTwP fans out there that feel ALL cRPGs should be RTwP. YOU might not be a purist but you damn well know there are purists on both sides and to pretend otherwise is to engage in lies and obfuscation yourself.

There are irrational zealots on both sides of this equation and NO both sides have just any many as the other. Stop the self ego stroking of 'my side is not only "right" but morally superior' bullshit. It is nothing but bullshit and ego masturbation.

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