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Can't really say I'm particularly impressed with how "spot on" it was.

- He spent half of the review basically crying that he paid the game 60 dollars. It may be a hefty pricetag (and one that usually I never bother paying, because quite simply I'm rarely interested in anything enough to pay that much) but it's also the standard pricetag of any triple A these days, and since no one forced him to do it he could stop whining as it was some sort of travesty.

- I can sympathize to a limited extent with his inability to understand how D&D works without assistance, but his bitching about the game not having a good tutorial yet is a bit ridiculous. It's an early access build and tutorials are quite literally among the last things game developers bother implementing.

- "D&D expert" or not, mechanics are really NOT that obscure if you pay attention to what the game is telling you. Maybe don't approach a type of game you have no familiarity with by "streaming it", paying more attention to your user base than its content and then bitch incessantly about not understanding things.

Don't pretend a game this broken at EA launch deserves a pass on the price because "that is the price of a normal game". It's not a complete or even working game yet.

So it's a complete game until you needed to excuse the lack of tutorials?

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