I'm not for sure wether to bug this or if it's feedback, or suggestion. Hotbars are a hot mess at 1280x 1024 screen setting. As your hotbar grows it forces itself out of side of screen. Trying to readjust and place things in the order you want by increasing there size and and decreasing is an effort in futility. As a very anal person when it comes to hotbars and inventory thats irks me to no end. The size that seems to work for this screen size on my lap top is 14 with 7 slots on top and 7 on bottom. I'm going to say if you have a set number of hot bar slots per page it may fix this issue. Keeping everything in each slot per page. Or if you I can't believe I'm saying this Do like Wow and have hotbars in certain positions. Sorry I'm an infidel. maybe a way to create your own hotbars. (if it's there I'm not seeing it) It drives me mad having not having all my spells together, my potions together, etc. Please I'm crazy enough. If anyone has seen a way to create own hotbar please send me message vie forum mail.

Okay, almost sane. no wait thats a bug.