During the Save Mayrina quest, entering the Ancient Abode triggers one main character conversation line (There, in the cage), but doesn't seem to trigger anything else. For example, lowering the cage and attempting to talk to Mayrina does nothing. No fight is triggered (as expected) and going through to the next section just leads to loot and an exit from the tunnels.

I am not sure how far back I need to go to fix this quest. /If/ it is relevant, I used turn based mode, jumping, and feather fall to bypass the traps and clouds... so maybe turn based mode didn't allow the story to progress? Just speculating.
Trying the quest again from just before entering the stairway all the way through without bypassing the clouds (just taking the damage, and running throw like an idiot) still doesn't trigger anything. Mayrina is shouting about the fight and all until you lower the cage, but no fight.
As it stands, the quest can not be completed.

Other issues in the lair:
In the conversation when you enter the teahouse, the wizard choice misgenders my PC (she voices 'he' but I am a 'she')
As she escapes she mentions 'playing with your new friends'. no 'friends' appear (maybe the Redcaps I killed earlier?) Further, when invisible she is immune to AOE damage, which may be intended to allow her to escape but frustrating.
The Magron head interaction defaults to 'open item', rather than 'use'. Unless you pick use from the right click, you won't get the dialogue.
Perception checks need to more obviously point out whatever the heck it is you just perceived. It is only blind luck that my camera happened to be pointing at some of these things when one of the party says 'hmm, whats that' and succeeds at a check.
The nominally petrified Efrin uses his idle animation even while stone. (also, freeing him and casting Lesser Restoration wont cure him, which is probably intended but still kinda sad, nor can you revivify him if you are inclined to expend that level of resources on a random NPC).
Knocking out the mask controlled beings won't let you remove their masks and save them... sadly. Also, first time I experienced a hostile going full HAM and attacking a downed party member until they were dead dead, rather than switching targets.

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