Great list! Thanks for compiling it. Many of the issues I have, are listed already.

Some other issues I have:

- The ability to disengage as a bonus action for everyone. This removes some of the identity of the agile classes (Rogue/Monk).
- Shove as a bonus action: Larian has done a good job making maps where shove can be utilized to great effect. But giving us shove as a bonus action lowers the tactical choices you have. Instead of weighing the option between attacking or shoving someone down a cliff, you just do both. (Feats like Shield Master also becomes pretty useless if everyone can bonus action shove). Shove is more than strong enough as an action when you have places to shove people down.
- The help action gives a downed character 1 hp right away. Why not follow the 5e rules instead? Use a medicine check to stabilize the character and they wake up 1d4 hours later. In a videogame you could translate that to after combat is over. Letting the help action heal someone right away, lowers the importance of magical healing in D&D. It might be the old grognard in me, but I think you should panic when your cleric goes down.
- The control system. Controlling the party feels utterly clunky especially when there are traps, environmental effects or enemies close by. I am hoping for a more precise, classical system. The current system seems like it is made for a controller, not mouse and keyboard. Hopefully we can get an option at least.
- Too many magic items at low level. They do not feel special at all.
- I know this last one has been mentioned by others, but I feel the need to repeat it. The environmental effects from many spells are weird, unbalancing and unnecessary. I know Larian is fond of cluttering the ground with damaging areas, but it feels out of place in D&D. And you already have spells that create such effects (Cloudkill, Fireball etc) at higher levels. If Larian wants to emulate the TTRPG experience, I don't think small puddles of acid should burn through my boots and nearly kill me (especially if that small puddle is made by arrows or a cantrip), that feels more videogamey to me.