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16. Adjust Combat Ranges - Right now the game heavily, *heavily* favors Ranged combat. Fixing the free Disengage/Jump as a Bonus Action into requiring your Action would help this a lot, but just in general it is really hard to get into melee combat given how far away most fights start taking place, especially fights that are automatically triggered rather than by the enemy seeing you.

Agreed to almost everything.

Just a note on your point 16, I think that removing the jump/disengage will actually make it harder for mellee to get into fights.
Even so, I am in favor of separating those two actions.

Another note on the same topic... How do you propose they adjust combat range?
Because, unless most hostile enemies wait patiently for you to walk to their side, or you're always full on sneaking with a rogue, people will always call you out and get ready to fight from as far as they can communicate.

It will potentially make it harder to get into melee, but once they are there, it would make it significantly harder for enemies to leave melee. Which gives incentives for melee characters to Dash into combat to then become 'sticky' and prevent enemies from moving away.

You adjust combat range by adjusting maps and enemy positions. Larian loves open maps. There are almost no fights in BG 3 that are in tight dungeon corridors, close in ambushes in jungle terrain, etc. Even house have ludicrous dimensions so it takes 2 full Dash turns just to get across them.