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There are lost of people whining about the $60 (Have you been on the Steam forum?) Dos2 you could by in at $27.00 on kickstarter

"Pledge US$ 27 or more
Bye Bye Birdy Offer
Divinity: Original Sin 2 as a digital download for PC, available from Steam with Alpha and Beta access included, or DRM-free from GOG.com. Also comes with a Digital Game Manual, a 'Backer' Forum Badge, and behind-the-scenes footage."
I'm not saying this should be the case on this game but it is what it was.

"He spent half of the review basically crying that he paid the game 60 dollars"

OS2 was a kickstarter game, this isn't. This is a full fledge Triple A game with the license from WoTC. People must be crazy if they think WoTC/Hasbro will let Larian sell this game for less then $60. You're basically pre-ordering the game and getting to play a slice before it's out.