Quest bugs that happened to me:
- Brynna and Andrick.
- Met them, but didn't get in combat with them. And they soon left on their way.
- Then eventually, I made it to the Goblin Camp, smeared poo to gain access, went in the center, and then all goblins aggroed on me.
- I realize it's because Brynna and Andrick were there but they were "enemies", so when I got noticed by them, it put the entire camp into combat with me.

- Meet the Duke
- I went in the burning building, saved the guy on the second floor, then eventually saved Florrick(?)
- But the quest didn't progress for a while, and then later updated with "you didn't save anybody, but look out for the Grand Duke"
--- Not really a bug, but the house on the left (facing the gates) was open, but walking around inside was really hard. I kept needing to jump around the house since it kept saying no space was available after I had to jump inside through the front door. This is more of a general movement issue too, where players feel really "fat" in the space they take up when it visually doesn't appear that way.