Okay so I already included this in the master suggestion, and I know it's probably one of the biggest 'asks' in terms of feedback....

But seriously, is *EVERY SINGLE* voice in the game a British accent?

Random Boblin the Goblin guard? British accent.

Tiefling child that I just saved from a goblin attack? Also British accent.

Pissed off Human adventurer? Hellllloo Rob Stark levels of British accent.

Old swamp hag? As British as the queen herself.

Hobgoblin War Boss? Supes British.

My gruff Dwarven Ranger, toughened from a life living on the lands....only 2 voices available and both British.

Even the narrator is literally just Malady aka British supreme herself from DoS 2.

In fact the only voiced character I've found that doesn't seem to be that way is Gale. That's it. Maybe one other NPC from the Druid grove.

Now compare that to the first 1 minute of BG II gameplay. You have Irenicus, Minsc, and Jaheira. All crazy different accents. A few seconds later we have a genie with another new accent. Then a wretched creature trapped in a vat, another totally new accent. Imoen with her mid-western style. Lilarcor the sword that won't shut up with the mocking gruffness.

Am I the only one bothered by this? It completely destroys whatever immersion I have at the time when every single creature has the same mannerisms of speech. The same contractions, shortened words, etc. For a AAA game studio it literally sounds like they just had the same 2-3 voice actors doing all of the work for literally every voice line. Someone like Matt Mercer has more range of accents displayed in a single game of D&D than the entirety of what Larian Studios can afford? Is this something we could please, please address? It's not like Corona stops people from recording high quality voice work remotely.

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