Bug: Saving just before before the windmill gave me a bug that prevented me from saving until I restarted my pc. The message you get when trying to save during a cut scene started to pop up where ever I went.

Bug: Repeated tags for Half-elves

Bug: The dialogue for questioning Shadowheart about Sharr keeps showing up, and I can keep repeating it for approval/disapproval.

Bug: Killing the Drow Goblin leader caused everyone to agro in the building, which lead to Wyll complaining about me killing Spike without him, even though he was there for it.

Bug: Wyll complains about the Windmill Goblin dying, and not getting info on Spike enough though we did successfully interrogate him, and Wyll told me to kill him.

Bug: Skill bar doesn't stay locked when you switch between characters. This leads to instances of skills being removed on accident, and if that skill happened to be a spell it treats it as if the spell was unmemorized, and can't be put back on the bar mid combat.

Performance: The game's auto detect and Nvidia GeForce say I should be able to run the game on ultra and high settings, but I can barley keep the game at 30fps in alot of eras, especially the Goblin camp. I am slightly above the recommended specs. I'm using an i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.6GHZ and a GTX 1060 GDR5 6gb.

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