Dear all, my collected feedback so far. First of all, I'm having a lot of fun! Just writing this down to help perfect the game until full release. So naturally I'm only covering what's not working for me.

Having a silent protagonist going through the same expressions in every single dialogue really kills immersion. Please give me a voice. At the same time you might want to speed up dialogues and make characters a bit less talkative. You can get coffee while NPCs finish the dialogue you already read 3 times.

Camera is awful, the default angle feels odd and in most situations you can't zoom out properly. This makes fights e.g. in blighted village borderline unfair, as you can't target enemies on higher levels, or even find a camera angle and zoom level, where you can see them. If you try, you end up somewhere in the building, instead of the roof. It's also not great for exploring, most of the time I have only a rough idea, where I am and where I'm going, because I can literally see only my next 3 steps.

Directly related to this is a mini map issue. My party icons are constantly hidden below environment icons, so I have no idea where I am on the minimap.

Combat system feels clunky and I have the feeling, that my enemies simply are not bound to the same rules as I am. Its also very weird to have some party members in round based mode and others in real time mode, if you split your party. I'd suggest to simply implement an action point pool and let players decide what to do with the points, e.g. cast 2 times in a row, sprint 20m, attack twice... Also I'm not a fan of shoving, dipping...

There is simply too much going on. Don't get me wrong, I love a full quest book and to explore. But after mabye 2 hours in the game you have so many options, side quests, junk to sell, NPCs to make happy and places to explore, that it feels more like hard work and less like enjoying a game. Please spread it out a bit more and categorize it better in the quest log.

Related to the point above, I have no idea if I have to hurry with the main quest or if I can go and explore. If there is a time limit to the main quest, please make it known. If I can happily explore, please give me at least a hint. Every time I go to camp things seem to move forward and I have the feeling I'm running out of time. When I'm outside of camp, there is no sense of urgency at all. The game is sending a lot of mixed signals and I have no idea how to approach it properly.

Please reconsider NPCs and especially party members. Basically everybody you meet in the game is a special snowflake and a severe pain in the butt at the same time. Currently I couldn't care less about my party members. I can't see myself romancing any of these homicidal loathing maniacs with epic back stories at level 1 either. I also don't like how NPCs are behaving (or rather not behaving) in dialogues and cut scenes. My healer is not interested at all, when someone puts a knife at my throat, my warlocks tells the enemy right in the face, he is here to kill them...

A party of 4 is simply to limiting. As you can't play an origin character in the EA (and I probably won't in the final game due to the reason above), you have only three slots. Depending on your class, 1st of all you have to fill these slots according to game mechanics, like you need a tank, a rogue, a healer... for story reason you want to have a different composition. So you either miss out on story, or loot, or make fights harder, than they need to be. Please add at least a 5th party member.

Speaking of difficulty, the game is currently too easy and too hard at the same time. You can steamroll most encounters, only to be one-shotted by a spider in the next or suddenly having to face a whole army.

Please make parts of the story more accessable to non DnD experts. Trying to keep it spoiler free, but at some point in the story you get supposedly big and shockking revelation about a party member which simply tells me absolutely nothing. In turn I simply don't care because I don't get it.

Finally, I know it is DnD and based on dice rolls, but it is simply impossible to miss a truck-sized spider standing right in front of you. You might want to bend the rules a bit for the sake of immersion (and frankly not frustrating the player).