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EA need a CHA based class added there is all but CHA one why

Warlock Class is in the game and CHA based

Sorcerer is incredibly similar to wizard so no reason to make it an EA class as well, and Bard is, well bard is a 5th wheel in a 4 man max party. So Warlock you get.

I'm glad the class types are very distinct, maybe the ranger has some gray area between warrior and rogue but otherwise very distinct playstyles for all the EA classes while they fine tune the game.

Extremely strange swipe at bards, actually one of the top tier classes of 5e.

Sorcerer's also have meta magic, an extremely different spin on the caster archetype.

I like bards, I really do, but when there's only 4 people they dno't fill any of the needed niche's very well on their own (they may do fine as the healer), they make great support of other classes.
Absolutely, sorcerers are great with metamagic, not saying they don't have differences but they cast the exact same spells as a wizard so you pick one of the two if your trying to limit the classes you have to focus on. Every class is different I want all the classes in the final game, not knocking any class here, but it's obvious they needed to focus on getting a few classes right and of the 3 CHA classes the Warlock was the most unique stand out of the three.