I've played most of the way through both solo and multiplayer and found it extremely easy. Experience with 5e and games of this type make all the encounters in this game trivial to be honest. Haven't had to save and reload a single combat encounter.

Ranger/rogue/wizard/cleric in multiplayer.

Not doing anything cheesy, just playing well.

Spiders was easy because they tend to stand on the 4hp webs you can destroy, they take huge falling damage. Colossus slayer on my ranger really takes a toll on the big spider, and it's not even working properly and rolling it's added damage every hit like it should.

Goblins was easy because most of them have 12 hp or so, easily one shot by all 3 damage characters, the rogue could practically one shot the 50hp boss with a strong hit.

We even fought the goblins around the windmill and killed most of them before we realised you could kill the leader to end the encounter. Thunder wave is exceptionally strong against large groups who cluster together.

All the bombs and bulbs, throwables in general, really even the odds. They're very strong.