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Have you seen the location of Belgium on the map? have you seen the location of Ireland on the map? Are you aware of the fact that corona virus limited international travel in 2020. Are you aware that as of sept 2 larian said they finally finished recording all the voiced lines for EA? Given the state of the world is it really unreasonable that the access to English speakers was limited to those with an "English" accent?

20 years ago, absolutely that would be an excuse and I wouldn't even have brought it up.

In a world where high quality recording devices can readily be shipped around the world, even in Corona virus impacted areas, and the internet exists....yeah, not a valid excuse. All the more so because there isn't even an Irish accent in the game. Nor Belgian.

What are you smoking? What tech do you imagine that you can turn someone's apartment/house in to a recording studio? You do know that professional voice acting isn't recording over the phone right? You can't use zoom or skype. Voice acting is recorded in a recording studio.

Ireland is the studio they do motion capture so it may very well be the same studio that they also do the sound recording maybe not, it could be done in Belgium their main studio. I wasn't pointing to Ireland because they speak English but because it is a studio that is close to a huge talent pool of voice actors in Britain just like how Belgium is close to Britain and I wasn't sure which of these two studios would likely be the one which did the voice acting recording, so pointed to both.

look you seem woefully uniformed and are responding on emotion. You can't do what you think they can without a recoding studio and if they don't own the studio they have to rent one they have limited time to record and It is a lot easier to move people around in Europe during the covid crisis than flying in an actor over the ocean during 2020. If you can't accept that covid has forced some compromise with development then you are being unreasonable.

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