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What are you smoking? *snip*

look you seem woefully uniformed and are responding on emotion. *snip*

You insult and then accuse of responding on emotion. Pick one or the other bud, can't have both.

Corona causes compromises? Correct, voice over work was absolutely one of them especially back in March/April.

However, where you are wrong, is that yes, you can setup high quality recording studios in your home, if you are so inclined. Many voice over artists have literally done exactly that (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/n...g-remote-set-ups-working-at-home-1289235). That article is from April 10th, around 5 months of work time before voice recording finished. I'm kind of surprised you didn't know that, given how quick you are to insult my knowledge on the subject.

Alternatively, and hear me out on this since you seem to want to get all emotional on us, Larian could have them record the lines as a studio near the voice actor and transmit the data via the internet. You know, like they did even before Corona virus? Recording studios in Los Angeles reopened all the way back in May/June, months of lead time to record lines.

Trying to argue that technical limitations is why every single voiced line is a British accent is just wrong.


Forgot to add. The biggest reason you're wrong (that British accents had to be used due to technical limitations imposed by Corona) is that the voice over artists they used are incredibly talented people. If Larian had instructed Neil Newbon (the voice of the nearly painfully British Astarion) to give him a French accent instead, I am 100% confident he could have done it. Or hell, make it a Russian accent like he got paid to do for Resident Evil 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYwN1yDKvYE). You are insulting the voice over artist by implying they couldn't have done other accents.

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