1. Seconding literally all of the things on the list currently, as well as food healing. Maybe food healing should be tied to a difficulty setting?

Honestly the abundance of verticality, healing potions, foods, and condition-free resting (why bother taking prayer of healing?) makes it feel silly to bring a Cleric. I get not wanting players to be forced to bring a certain
companion, but having choices like that have even some consequence could be nice.

2. Summons with the Fly ability are super silly currently. Can go places without triggering fights (have only really tried this in a few fights, and all of them had triggers involving cutscenes). Being able to fully explore areas for free, drag items back to the party, etc is pretty broken. Some sort of max-distance-from-summoner seems needed. Mainly in regards to Imp, given that it can literally go invisible, permanently, too.

3. Another thing I havent really seen mentioned in regards to fights with verticality is that a lot of the time, you can basically break the encounter by just..destroying a ladder. "Smart play" is one thing, but when enemies just stare up at you blankly when they cannot reach or hit you isnt really engaging. A system for them to find cover that isn't Directly next to them or to try and get away might solve this. Specifically thinking of the main goblin camp w/ the ladder by Novice Crusher. Go up it, break it, and none of the melee goblins can reach you and you can move and LOS every goblin. They just stand still. There are plenty of places to move to to hide from, get away from, and even another way to reach the party in that area. Enemy AI in general just kinda needs work I guess.

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