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look to get the game to early access they had to start recording this summer. That limited their talent pool based on location and the fact that covid hurts travel. And moving someone from the USA to ireland or belgium might require a 14 day quarantine period to do recording. That is what it takes to move US actors to start shooting here in BC, Canada. (So not talking out of my ass here) That is a huge expense for a company to bring in talent. It is likely that moving someone from the UK is a lot easier. So they had to commit to the talent pool they have not the talent pool they likely would have used without covid. This talent pool is now mostly fixed, so we have to accept it. EA is for roughly a year so they will be recording later acts soonish as well and given that they looks to be no lift of covid restriction we can expect that most of the English speaking talent is going to be from Europe so you can guess the accent. is it ideal? No but how about being a little understanding as to the why. if larian was an Australian developer you would have to get use to a lot of Ausie accents luckily its not. (sorry not sorry Ausies)

See my response above, your points are not valid. Mocap requires physical presence, voice over work does not. Voice Over studios have been open in Los Angeles alone for 4+ months. More than enough time for relatively small roles like a halfling trader, or a goblin guard, or really any character with less than 3-4 lines.

And why do you think that the voice actors that were used wouldn't have been capable of different accents?

There isn't understanding because you aren't describing actual problems. You are inflating issues that don't exist to excuse something that doesn't need to exist (all voice over work is in a British accent).