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Just because there are fewer diverse accents currently, does not mean that others haven’t already been recorded (just not mastered or reserved for characters later in the game) or planned?!

And whilst it is possible to do recording work in a home studio, it means differences in recording which have to be ironed out by Larian. No two studios are the same and Larian may simply want to control that process in house! That’s surely not that hard a concept to grasp?

As someone who’s wife has done professional voice acting and narration I have some insight into the process.

As I previously said, there is nothing wrong with the topic per say, it’s just this thread is getting perilously close to being toxic for no good reason.

For the sake of brevity, let's say that is all correct.

Why not have the voice actors they did use, who have documented and proven capability to do non-British accents, do exactly that again?

I sincerely doubt they have a mountain of voice over work for all of the voiced parts in Act 1 that they are just sitting on. As someone who also has friends in the business, I have insight into it as well though it shouldn't really matter as the work is fairly well known these days. The technical limitations don't really exist since voice over studios are open around the world, albeit nationally dependent.

But like I said, even if Larian only wanted to do VO work in-house....that still doesn't explain why literally every single line of dialogue except for like 2 characters all share the same accent. The actors they used are capable of different accents.

We only have 1 act so far, let’s see how it goes eh!

And for full disclosure I have only seen odd videos so far, I’ve yet to play myself (hopefully next week).