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His point is that how much do you like each one of the current characters is not the topic at hand here, I guess.

Yes, that was my point.

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That's all well and good Afaslizo, but that isn't really relevant to my point.

So your point is difficulty/optimization which you want to counter with a larger body mass. It seems to me a better way would be an indepth tutorial teaching you about mobility, stealth, surfaces and utility spells in a way the ship prologue fails to do. Imagine learning all these different aspects which you claim you do not have and do not get to progress and learning them. Do you need the bigger party still if you would know how to apply all these things?

I think that a better tutorial is sorely needed for this game, that's true but even ignoring the fact that there's still going to be a learning curve before players are going to be implementing all the tools at their disposal to the fullest, a game shouldn't be balanced around the minimum a player needs to make it through. Even as someone who has been playing cRPGs for close to a decade, I doubt I'd be playing this game at the level where I don't need a tank and healer until at least my third playthrough and I shouldn't have to wait that long to be able to experience a wider variety of charcater stories and interactions.