Anyway. Here is the list I compiledand and will try to make sure that I've deleted topics you've already mentioned. Sadly I do not have links to the individual topics where the excerpts are taken from. And I'm not going through 841 threads again smile
And sorry for a long list but tried to include pretty much everything except:

races/classes as more is coming
Reaction, as we know Larian is working on that
Bugs and glitches, as that belongs in that sub forum
Multiplayer and technical problems across platforms, as that also belong otherwise

So, for those that have some time to waste. Enjoy smile

Category: Character Creation

heterochromatic eyes and opaque eyes for tieflings

Change body volume/height.

Half Elf doesn't get Extra Skill like in the D&D Rulebook, is this intended?

Add more Backgrounds (Only way to get Perception for a Class that doesn't have it in its Class Skill is to take Sailor Background)

Add tail options for tieflings

Roll for stats vs point buy

Beards for elves. Call it a fake one for lore reasons if needed.

Add full access to information about how your character may develop, future feats etc.

All voices available for each gender is cool. but should be sorted.

"who do you desire" part -Yay or nay?. Discussion

Be able to choose deity. Maybe even ones outside D&D multiverse. I.e. The flying spaghetti monster etc.

Able to choose alignment yes or no? How much should it affect gameplay?

Makeup options: lipstick and face blush etc.

Customize/Choose visuals on your D20

Why no surname or sobriquet?

Name generator based on races

Category: User interface

UI is not very intuitive - lot of confusion where to find stuff. Make it more streamlined

Party formation arrangement choice (so you could set up how the characters were arranged, similar to the old BG games).

Separate spell book in UI for combat:

Spell icons. Having to slot a different icon for every possible level of every spell makes the hotbar incredibly cluttered. It would be much neater and more convenient if you only had to slot a given spell once, but when you click on it a smaller menu pops up to allow you to select which level you wish to cast it at.

TAB instead of LEFT ALT to highlight interactive objects. ALL interactive objects.

Allow targeting via portraits. Unnecessary to have several portraits of active PC.

Button to stop concentration on spells

Add the Dodge action and the Grapple function

It would be nice to see where you are reputation-wise with your party members

Being able to hide the UI

take inspiration from dragon age origin

A "Default Action" slot beside the current weapon attacks that we could drag things like a cantrip into would be great.

- an active search function. The passive perception works great for what it's supposed to do, but it would be nice to be able to actively,

Can we have an in-game notepad? like notes in the journal?

Category: Companions

Possible to re-assign the existing ability scores for companions? - not re-roll new ones, just move the old ones around. Right now, for instance, Astarion makes a poor Arcane Trickster because of poor int.

Animal companions should be psychical party members and have dialogue like in NWN. not conjured. Also add in a mule as an option.

Group movement improvements. auto jump. able to choose all. formations etc

I'd love if Lae'zel had specific dialogue for a Githyanki character

don't force my entire party to collapse back on the position of the individual who triggered the event. If you allow your players to take the initiative and make preparations in response to clues given in the environment it will deepen their immersion and enjoyment of the game.

I would love to be able to tell my Party members to "Wait here"

being able fill out your party witch custom made characters

Category: Conversation

Spells during conversation. Charm Person is used to gain advantage on Charisma checks, but no spells can be cast while talking to someone, and casting it outside of conversation triggers combat.

Voiced personal character dialogue too expensive?

speech DC should either be hidden all time or be visible in dialogue choice. or decided by class/high INT/WIS i e wizards know before hand. dumb characters don't.

Award XP for non combat solutions. i e friendly dialogue checks, lock picking etc.

Keep dc checks to one per conversation

dialogue choice tags, like adding a (hostile), (friendly), and (neutral) tag next to each option to guide us on how we want to RP our character.

Breaking the 4th wall. (I don't know if it was an accident of the performance of an actor or not but my favorite part of the game, so far, was a brief second when I failed a roll to crush a parasite and the last part of the outtake scene, my character broke the 4th wall, looked right at me and looked very disappointed in me. I sincerely hope that wasn't an accident because that was awesome!)

Conversation checks DC is too high

Add Dialogue lines in a UI-Log/journal for later reference

Dices. Add option to hide mechanic always.

Background choices should affect dialogue

Category: Combat

Enemy AI too intelligent. Different action pattern for different enemy types possible?

Cover system

Go straight to reload screen after whole party is downed.

Option to show hidden dice rolls i e attack rolls etc

Sneak attack should be automatic.

it would be interesting if after losing HPs and going under a certain threshold, enemies could be susceptible to be intimidated, persuaded to yield or scared by our characters using a social dice roll as their standard action for the round.

Option to allow us to manually roll the death save

Remove the screen 'shake' for when you select a spell but before you target it

Add flanking.

Switch percentages to rolls or hide it all together

Implementing an optional grid system

to examine a creatures stats to plan against them, maybe have it optional that a player must make a successful check (Arcana, History, Nature, Religion, Insight, etc.) against that creature to figure out its weaknesses

Ability to administer health potion to companion during combat. I e downed companions

Streamline dash ability, Too many clicks right now

Let a Character delay the initiative (or hold an action).

Double-tap of the space bar to end a character's turn in combat. More than once, I've been a clumsy idiot and bumped space without meaning to.

Change Monster levels to their CR from the books? Or have show HP instead of level

Category: Out of combat/world exploring

Better camera controls. add wasd movement and camera on mouse

Option to hide mini map

More short rests

Please let us click directly on the map to fast travel to the waypoints instead of having to use the side menu.

Be able to click on mini map and party goes there by automatic

Long rest punishment? Real danger - that the tadpole can really harm you and maybe lead to a negative story ending. Or maybe you are forced to take the pact with the deamon to survive or when you tried to rest in a dungeon and some enemies could break this action

Long Rests should consume food and/or water, to make its use lesser and give the player a sensation of "lost resources".

random encounters

Saving throws added for out of combat hazards.

Be able to pause the game

more auto-saves

i'm missing the immersive part of the game. For example, i think that the tavern was very important to set a pace for the previous games.
make the wild parts more alive, perhaps adding animals interacting with each other in random ways, like a wolf hunting a deer or a bear defending its young.

Use a magic item you find on the Mind Flayer ship and have it once per day create a Lymonds Tiny Hut. instead of having a camp in the forest.

keyboard shortcut for jump

pickpocketing mechanic. explanation and execution?

Right Click Party Interactions

Every character should be able to hold a torch

More books with depth

Category: System

Choose starting equipment

Spear should be versatile(thrown?)

Scrolls beside revify should not be able for everyone

Introduce components for higher level spells

When reading notes and books that are carried in players inventory, you're instantly returned to the game instead of the inventory screen. If possible could this be changed to return to the inventory screen instead of back to the game?

Daggers, rapiers and shortswords are piercing weapons not slashing

items color-coded based on rarity. yay or nay?

Arachnophobia mode

Add more in game accessibility options like subs for people with deafness. Less buttons needed to be pressed for people with movement disabilities etc

Slider for font size?

option for hidden save file of rolls per playthrough so you can't just save-bumming

better tutorials for players not into d&d

Explanation about trading. how base value changes to final price by reputation etc. That armor and weapons only retain half their value when sold etc

So my suggestion is to be able to separate out playthroughs under "load campaign. right now saves for different characters are mixed together and quick saves can overide quicksaves from other playthroughs.

Access to Candlekeep in Act 3 or we riot

Loading Screen: More Tips & Images

Category: Visuals

visible shield when sheathed

visible quiver

Put swords in scabbards, on your hip. Naked weapons glued to your back is silly nonsense.

toggle hiding helm

more animations for melee.

More variety in spellcasting voices

Category: Other

Spider egg weights 30 pounds. Intentional?

list of changes made by larian compaired to 5e

patron interaction for warlocks? yay or nay?

There you have it!

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