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Summarized suggestions
1. Spellcasting UI by spell level separate from the hotbar.
2. Spells/abilities that can only target self or have no target should activate in one click.
3. Shared party inventory/bartering.
4. Left alt toggle option.

Fully agree on all that: the hotbar as it is now is a mess; spells and abilities should be separate from scrolls and potions. If i can use Dash only on myself no need to double click to activate and micromanaging the inventory is just a pain in the you_know_where and adds nothing to the game.

I want to add another suggestion about trading. We all know how to do it:
move the Paladin, Druid, whoever is the most charismatic in talk range of the merchant; must be done because it would often not be able to walk
load him with everything you want to sell: three platemail suits, a couple halberds and mauls, half a dozen sacks of potatoes and flour
have him talk to the merchant and get the best prices

You dont need to be very smart to do that and it's just an annoyance that repeats every bloody time we need to unload our loot to cash in. If you want to give a value to charisma, usually a dump stats if you are not one of the classes that need it, use the best charisma of the members of the party even if the one talking to the shopkeer is an half orc warrior