Attacking 2 goblins at one of the gates of the blighted village/town results in party disapproval, even though we already cleared the whole place and these were the only goblins left.
They had yellow circles. When you approach them first, they will say something like "we attack you" and then you can fight them without negative effects.

I guess there is some kind of moral mechanic attached to some groups that can start dialogue with you instead of attacking right away. Not sure if this shouldn't be disabled after you attacked their faction/group nearby. Or maybe these kind of guards shouldn't even have this mechanic.

And like already reported, Andrick, if spared earlier, will results in a complete hostile goblin camp once you try to enter.
I was able to call the 3 trolls via horn though after reloading, and they killed him in a fight while I stood outside at the entrance.
I guess because the game/the goblins did not thought I was involved with the trolls, I was basically allowed to watch all this and then talk with the remaining goblins afterwards.

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